Why are you doing this?
This project started when ads on Read the Docs were added to the common blocking list EasyList. Read the Docs is an open source project and service that builds documentation for other open source projects. It is primarily funded through advertising. The addition to the EasyList made a significant impact on the funding for Read the Docs. After talking with other open source maintainers, this problem is not unique to Read the Docs.
My adblocker allows acceptable ads. Do I still need this?

Read the Docs identified multiple projects where ads were blocked and those projects lacked the time and resources to work with the AcceptableAds group or educate users about the impact of adblocking on their funding. These lists are specifically to help these projects. These lists are not a strict subset of the acceptable ads list.

Furthermore, some users don’t want to allow acceptable ads while they are willing to tolerate ads to benefit the developer community.

I run an open source project. How do I get on the list?
Please see the page on getting included.
How do I report an ad that shouldn’t be excepted?
Please open an issue on GitHub.
All ads are bad. Don’t you think so?
The advertising industry gets a bad rap. Much of it is deserved. There have been trends toward bigger, more intrusive ads and closer tracking of users. Not all advertising is this way. Read the Docs’ ethical advertising is a good counter-example. Some open source projects would not exist without sources of funding.
I do not click on ads so why should I bother?
Not all ads are priced per click.